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GEAR Solar is a unit of Greenville Energy and Research, Inc., who in cooperation with communities and business all over the world, is committed to developing new technologies that will provide a safer environment and lower energy cost. Through our research and development, as well as international collaborative partnerships on renewable energy and fossil fuel technology programs, GEAR continues to introduce innovative technologies to provide a better life for future generations.


The building block of GEAR, engineering is the division on which our company was founded. Whether you need a technical question answered, or you are looking for a complete redesign of a certain component or system, we are the company to turn to. With 8 expert engineers on staff, there is no issue we cannot address.


Our spare parts division in comprised of a dedicated group that has over 100 man years of experience in the gas turbine industry. Ranging from sales, procurement and manufacturing experience, there is no parts we are unfamiliar with. We thrive in the fast paced environment that is Power Generation and make each of our customers’ need a top priority. We offer kitting solutions for scheduled and unscheduled outages, as well as one-off rush orders to get a job back online.

Greenville Energy & Research is ready to assist you.

Our core team of experts can help you accomplish your energy projects, both locally and abroad.

What We Believe

At GEAR, we are committed to developing technologies with focus on less or no impact on the environment to provide a better life for ourselves and generations to come.

How We Work

With our highly technical engineering division, we’ve perfected a streamlined and flexible approach to providing expertise services.

Our Goals

We aim to create a challenging and rewarding organization capable of enhancing our generation and future generations to come through building and supplying quality products.

Our Vision

We strive to become one of the top power generation, electric, and gas turbine component supply companies in the United States — providing superior value for our customers, employees, investors and communities.

Our Approach

We utilize our interdisciplinary team of engineers in conjunction with businesses worldwide, as well as international collaborative partnerships to provide top quality services across multiple industries.

Our Quality Policy

Greenville Energy and Research is committed to continually striving to reduce variances in our processes that impact our customers. With over 14 years of experience, we’ve ensured consistent and dependable services.